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The History

Past and Present

In the beginning...

Henry Bose and his brother Louis built he original Bose Farmhouse circa 1898. In 1901 Henry married Emma Churchland. The couple expanded the original small homestead circa 1910 as the farm prospered and for their growing family of 8 children.

Since the 1990's, planned redevelopment has transformed the former pastoral and Agricultural countryside into a vital residential community. Receiving Heritage Status, the century-old Bose Farmhouse, Milk Cooling Shed, and Calf Barn have been revitalized and integrated into Harvest at Bose Farm. 

The Calf Barn will be transformed into a Clubhouse. The southwest portion of the farm, also known as ‘Bose Forest’, is being transformed into a community park for all to enjoy! 

​Our townhomes border this beautiful City Park

The Bose Forest City Park:

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